A State of Emergency has been declared in Victoria due to the serious risk to public health posed by coronavirus (COVID-19). For more information visit the DHHS website.

Visitation regulations during COVID-19

30 June, 2020

Visitation regulations

Western Health is working to protect the health of patients and staff as the COVID-19 outbreak continues.

Rules of entry to all Western Health sites (except Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital)

Visitors and support people are discouraged from visiting Western Health, unless necessary.

Visitors and support people are ONLY permitted when an exemption is granted for care giving or for compassionate reasons.

The following restrictions now apply across the whole hospital, including the Emergency Department and clinical appointments:

  • ONE support person (mother or father/carer) are permitted to visit admitted children for the duration of their visit to hospital, including 24/7 in Newborn Services & NICU
  • NO visitors aged under 16 years are permitted, unless they are the parents of hospitalised children or babies
  • Visitors/ support people who are picking up a patient FOLLOWING a procedure are permitted entry. NO visitors/ support people shall wait within Western Health premises DURING the procedure
  • Visiting hours are between 4pm and 8pm. Exemptions are in place for the Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s.
  • Visitors to the Hazeldean Transition Care facility must have an up to date influenza vaccination.
  • Visitors/support persons presenting with a COVID-19 diagnosis or symptoms are NOT permitted to visit
  • NO visitors are permitted to visit any patient who is under investigation for or confirmed with COVID-19. Exceptions are in place for any patients under the age of 17 years
  • On entry to Western Health all visitors, outpatients and support people will be provided with a surgical mask to wear throughout their visit.

In all instances there are exceptions allowed that support extenuating circumstances.

Rules of entry to Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital
In addition to the visitation rules below, children are not permitted to attend appointments or visit patients in any ward or clinic area unless an exemption has been pre-arranged.

This information is updated regularly – please visit the Western Health visitor page for most up to date information.

If you have serious symptoms, seek immediate medical attention. Please get tested no matter how mild your symptoms. Here’s the list of local testing sites. It can take up to 14 days for symptoms to show. Please, be sensible when socialising and stay home as much as possible.