A State of Emergency has been declared in Victoria due to the serious risk to public health posed by coronavirus (COVID-19). For more information visit the DHHS website.

Messages of support

Let's get social! Share an idea, message of support, or something you’re doing to help our healthcare heroes.

Brian Nankervis - It's up to us

Brian Nankervis

May 3

Hey Hey it’s {almost} Saturday… here’s @rockwiz co-host, acclaimed producer, writer and performer, Brian Nankervis, sending out a special message of thanks to “all the good folk at Western Health”. And, providing a reminder to maintain our vigilance - we’re not through this yet. “Keep your distance, stay at home and look after each other.”

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Shane Jacobson - It's up to us

Shane Jacobson

May 2

One of Australia’s most loveable comedians, actors (and plumbers), the brilliantly funny @theshanejacobson gives a big, wholehearted "thank you" to our incredible healthcare workers, who continue to do incredible work.

But, as Shane says, their workload is nowhere near over. “The sooner we can get to the other side of the Coronavirus, the sooner our healthcare workers get to spend time with their families.
So, if you can - stay home.”

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May 7

To the local legend (Dan) who brought a coffee for a healthcare worker this morning (Maddie Public Affairs) at the Gordon St Bakery. You made my morning!! Its the support from people like you that makes us proud to be a part of the WH community. A BIG THANKS FROM THE STAFF AT WESTERN HEALTH!

Cal Wilson support message - It's Up To Us

Cal Wilson

May 4

Joking aside, this brilliant comedian shares a (social distancing appropriate) heartfelt message for healthcare workers: “I’ll keep my hands to myself, cover my mouth and say thank you so much.” Thank you, Cal!

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Jacqui Bridson

May 4

I couldn't agree more!


May 14

A BIG THANK YOU for your dedication to the health profession!
Thank you for your COURAGE to face up each day on the front line of this pandemic.
Thank you for your SACRIFICE, the extra shifts, the self isolation to keep your family.
We are GRATEFUL for your continuing care for patients in this health crisis and beyond.
Wish you and everyone well in Western Health!
Be behind you all the way!
Look after yourself, Stay safe, and Take care!

Beverley O'Connor - It's up to us

Beverley O'Connor

May 1

We need to unite to stop the surge of COVID-19.

As @abcnews_au’s Beverley O'Connor says, “we’re all in this together and that’s how we’ll keep safe”. Thanks for your support, Beverley!

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Mark Seymour - It's up to us

Mark Seymour

April 30

The best way to throw your arms around our healthcare workers is to take this advice from one of Australia’s most talented and respected musicians Mark Seymour: Stay home.
The renowned former frontman and songwriter of rock band Hunters & Collectors has sent these words of encouragement to our healthcare heroes at Western Health, and encourages you to band together and keep each other safe by staying home during COVID-19. This, in turn, provides huge support for our healthcare workers.

Thank you, Mark!

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Tim Campbell and Anthony Callea

April 22

We just want to say a huge thank you to everybody at Western Health for the work that you continue to do!

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