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Podcast: The Unifying Call

18 April, 2020

COURAGE, LEADERSHIP AND CLINICAL EXPERTISE ARE NEEDED MORE THAN EVER IN THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19. This podcast shares the stories and voices of our Western Health hospital clinicians and leaders as they strive to combat the pandemic in our major hospitals.

Episode 1: The Disease Detective: Dr Marion Kainer

Director of Western Health’s infectious diseases unit, Dr. Marion Kainer joined Western Health in October 2019, returning to Australia after almost two decades in the United States, where she became a renowned expert in healthcare associated infections. Based in Tennessee, she also spent a number of years working for the United States Center for Disease Control in the epidemiological Intelligence Service, often referred to as the “disease detectives”. In this conversation, hear Marion’s experience at the frontlines of the SARS outbreak and why she became an infectious diseases expert.

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Episode 2: Leading the first COVID ward – “You’ve got this…”

Nurse Joyce Dalde has what it takes to lead the first COVID ward in a major hospital – it’s not easy, but her colleagues reassure her “You’ve got this Joyce”. Joyce is one of the most highly regarded nurse leaders in an organisation with 7000 staff and 3700 nurses. Her expertise is in a combination of respiratory and infectious diseases nursing – the ideal combination to support COVID patients. Joyce’s background includes working in Singapore during the SARS outbreak in 2003 and many years of nursing patients with highly infectious diseases including TB and measles. She is a warm and committed person.

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Episode 3: Now Is Our Time with Dr. Rupert Sherwood

As the senior doctors across our hospitals began to plan for large numbers of COVID-19 patients, Dr. Rupert Sherwood saw the need for a joint statement of leadership, a unifying call among medical colleagues in this time of crisis. Dr. Sherwood is an obstetrician gynaecologist, usually in the role of Head of Gynaecology at John Kirner and Western Health, and is currently acting Clinical Services Director for the Women’s and Children’s Division. In this conversation, he explains why the decision to stand strong together as leaders is needed more than ever.

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For more information, visit theunifyingcall.wh.org.au.